Gaggia Titanium: to the origins of a myth

Gaggia Titanium

Gaggia Titanium has long been an absolute benchmark for the automatic coffee machine segment. Launched way back in 1999, Gaggia Titanium introduced the “bean to cup” concept to the home market, or the ability to make a flawless espresso or creamy cappuccino at the touch of a button.

Gaggia Titanium is capable of automatically handling all the grinding, pressing and bean-to-cup coffee brewing operations. The machine’s design, featuring stainless steel finishes, a handy LCD digital display, and swivel base, has helped boost the model’s success, making it a benchmark for practicality, aesthetics, and efficiency of use in a short time.

The functionality of the Titanium coffee machine

The functionality of the Titanium coffee machine

Seven different beverages (espresso, long coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, latte macchiato, ristretto, and hot water) can be prepared with the Gaggia Titanium, which can be customized in length and intensity according to the user’s taste preferences. Individual drinks can be managed using the seven buttons on the control panel. The LCD screen supports the user in choosing and adjusting the beverage and allows setting an automatic timer and adjusting the energy-saving mode. The Titanium coffee machine also dispenses boiling water to prepare tea or herbal tea without the support of a kettle.

The “Rapid Steam” technology of the Gaggia Titanium espresso machine significantly reduces the waiting time between coffee brewing and steam release thanks in part to the presence of two respective boilers dedicated to water and steam brewing, respectively. The machine also features a 15-bar water pump capable of ensuring high and constant pressure.

The coffee grinder, made with ceramic grinds, allows 18 different settings for adjusting the degree of grinding. The coffee bean container also features an airtight closure system that preserves the aroma of the beans. The by-pass dispenser also allows the use of coffee powder possibly to be used for the preparation of decaffeinated beverages. The integrated cup warmer system also ensures that the cups are always at the optimum temperature.

The machine also features an automatic descaling system that can be easily programmed according to the degree of water hardness. All brewing parts are made of stainless steel while the water tank is easily removable to ensure all maintenance and cleaning operations.

Alternatives to the Gaggia Titanium coffee machine

Today’s alternatives to the Titanium automatic coffee machine are viable and numerous. The Gaggia company in recent years has developed a segment of automatic coffee machines suited to the needs of discerning consumers with a focus on affordability in terms of price range. For this reason, it is possible to choose from numerous models with very different features and prices.

Original price was: £1.799,00.Current price is: £1.589,00.
Original price was: £899,00.Current price is: £829,00.

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