Difference between Gaggia Classic Evo Pro 2023 and Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 models

Gaggia Classic Evo Pro 2023 vs Gaggia Classic Pro 2019

Gaggia Classic Evo Pro is the new coffee machine model launched by Gaggia a leading manufacturer and distributor of domestic and professional coffee equipment.

The features of the new Evo model mainly concern four areas of improvement:

  • Improved product sustainability
  • Improved aesthetic quality
  • Improved maintainability

But what are the differences between the Classic Pro model launched by Gaggia in 2019 and the new Classic Evo model? Let’s find out together.

The new filter holder of the Gaggia Classic Evo Pro

The filter holder is one of the most important touch points of an espresso machine. The new filter holder of the Classic Evo made of stainless steel without any chrome plating process not only looks better but also ensures flawless performance due to the high quality of the material used.

Dispensing unit made of EVOBRASS brass

The new EVO model ensures optimized machine performance combined with improved aesthetic quality. The new Gaggia Classic EVO brewing group is made of EVOBRASS CW510-L brass, a highly technological and chemically safe material that ensures better thermal conductivity (7 times higher than stainless steel) and greater temperature stability when brewing multiple sequential coffees. The new group is combined with a stainless-steel collar that promotes greater compatibility with the new filter holder made of the same material.

Gaggia Classic Evo Pro

Additional protection for the boiler

The boiler of the Gaggia Classic Evo, made of aluminum, features an additional coating with an inert material that has the function of preventing aluminum from coming into contact with water. This improvement raises the safety standards adopted by Gaggia to safeguard its consumers. It should be noted that aluminum boilers without this coating are just as safe because the toxicity threshold of aluminum is very high.

Additional support for pump/boiler

An additional support, made of stainless steel, ensures easier assembly operations and in parallel also better management of maintenance operations.

Where to find the new Gaggia Classic Evo Pro model?

The new Evo Pro espresso machine model is available in the different colors at all Caffè Italia online stores. Also check out the different package deals that combine the Gaggia Classic Evo with different grinder models. With this solution you can have, saving on the full price of the two components, a barista station directly in your kitchen or office.