How do you set the perfect grind for a quality espresso?

How do you set the perfect grind for a quality espresso?

Here are some precise guidelines to correctly set the coffee grinder in order to obtain a high quality Italian espresso.

We start from the principle that, in order to obtain a coffee, the coffee must come into contact with hot water to extract the substances that influence perfume, aroma and the body of the coffee.

The right coffee grind is therefore a fundamental element that regulates the correct extent of contact between coffee and water. But what if the coffee grind is too fine or too coarse?

  • If ground too finely, the water takes too long to filter through, and the coffee is in contact with the water too long, leading to the possibility of the coffee burning, leaving a bitter taste and a thin, dark crema.
  • If ground too coarsely, the water, passing at high speed, is not able to extract all the positive substances within the coffee. This would result in a watery flavour, with little body and a pale crema.

To obtain an excellent espresso you can follow this rule: after correctly compacting (tamping) the coffee using a professional espresso machine, a quality espresso can be obtained by extracting a cup (25 ml) at an interval of 22-27 seconds. The espresso will then exhibit a hazelnut-coloured crema with dark nuances, a full body and an intense aroma.