How to clean your Rancilio Silvia

Rancilio Silvia

Rancilio Silvia combines elements derived from the professional coffee machines to a single boiler without the heat exchanger typical of “entry level” domestic machines. The addition of a steel body and a professional filter holder, not to mention a steam lance with both horizontal and vertical rotation, allows to obtain espresso coffee and creamy cappuccinos like those of your favorite bar. Here we provide a short guide to correctly prepare a coffee with the Rancilio Silvia. The information comes directly from the Rancilio Silvia manual.

How to clean your Rancilio Silvia

Be aware of the following steps!

A – For best results: store milk at ≤ 5 °C (≤ 41 °F).A – Do not use abrasive sponges and detergents or solvents! If cleaner is required, follow the instructions on the package!
B – Do not immerse the machine into water!


1. Flush brewing group


2. Brush the seal under the group head. ATTENTION: Do not brush the shower!



3. Insert blind filter disk, add cleaning detergent for espresso coffee machines



4. Lock the porta-filter into the group head. Remove cup-holder grid



5. Turn on coffee switch for 5 sec. then let it rest for 10 sec. ATTENTION: repeat until water runs clear in drip tray



6. Remove porta-filter with blind filter disk, rinse both under fresh water



7. Insert blind filter disk and lock porta-filter again



8. Rinse several times



9. Empty drip tray



10. Unlock the filter basket, clean all parts. ATTENTION: Rinse with hot water to dissolve any coffee oil residue



11. Insert filter basket into porta-filter and insert into group head, reattach cup-holder grid



12. Clean housing with damp cloth. ATTENTION: follow the grain of the satin finish on stainless steel parts


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