La Pavoni Professional PL Video Promo

La Pavoni Professional PL Video Promo

La Pavoni Professional PL model, designed for the household segment, represents the ideal combination of lever coffee machine technology and quality materials. The Pavoni Professional PL, thanks to the iconic design line, is a precious furnishing item capable of creating creamy espresso coffees and frothy cappuccinos directly in the home kitchen.

The lever mechanism allows the preparation of excellent espresso coffee. Pre-infusion is obtained by raising the lever that controls the piston inside the unit. Espresso coffee is delivered by lowering the lever. The control of the pressure through the lever allows to obtain an optimal exploitation of the coffee powders and the delivery of customized expressions for all tastes.

All lever models come with a 1-dose filter that can be used with both ground coffee and ESE standard pods. The filter holder is equipped with a “stop filter” ring to prevent the filter from falling out during the expulsion of coffee grounds

La Pavoni Professional PL machine is also equipped with a steam nozzle mechanism that allows the preparation of emulsified milk, tea and other hot drinks. The machine also has the special “Cappuccino Automatic” device which automatically takes milk directly from the container, vaporizes it and delivers it hot and perfectly assembled in the cup.

Caffè Italia with this new video presents the La Pavoni Professional PL model in all its precious details and explains how to use coffee dispensing and cappuccino preparation in just a few steps. Relax, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the video.

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