How to descale a coffee machine?

How to descale a coffee machine?

Cleaning the coffee machine is one of the main aspects carefully assessed by the consumer when choosing to purchase a particular model of coffee machine. Compared to traditional and automatic models, capsule coffee machines are often preferred because they are simpler and more convenient to clean.

In all cases the main rule is to carefully follow the instruction booklet of the machine model in possession.


Descaling is the process by which the limestone in the coffee machine is eliminated. A component common to all the coffee machines that is indispensable for their use is water, which should be pure and free of external agents that compromise its purity. In many cases the water used in the coffee machine contains limescale and other impurities which, especially in the event of an increase in temperature, hinder its correct functioning and affect the quality of the coffee dispensed.

How to descale a coffee machine


The automatic coffee machine models (like Gaggia Brera, Gaggia Velasca, Saeco Intelia, De Longhi Primadonna etc.) have a special function for decalcifying the coffee machine. These models usually come with a light that notifies the need to activate the process. Generally, this time comes after the 200 coffees delivered, but may change depending on the model. To carry out the descaling process it is sufficient to insert in the water tank the product created for the occurrence (capsules or liquid) that is usually supplied with the purchase of the coffee machine. Then the appropriate button is pressed and the descaling cycle is awaited. It is advisable to make some coffee to empty to completely empty the machine from possible chemical agents left as residue.

How to descale a coffee machine


To descale a traditional coffee machine (like Rancilio Silvia, Gaggia Classic, La Pavoni Europiccola etc.), carefully follow the instructions described in the user manual. In many cases, a common operation consists in completely emptying the water and residues left over after use (coffee pods or coffee grounds). To proceed with descaling it is therefore necessary to use a diluent mixture to add to the water in the tray. At this point it is mandatory to follow the instructions of the coffee machine model. These products are diluted with water, the mixture is poured into the basin, then the ignition is activated and the liquid is made to flow out until the water is exhausted. In some cases it is necessary to repeat the descaling cycle 3-4 times. Naturally it is necessary to put a large container instead of the cup. At the end of the descaling process it is a good rule to repeat the procedure using only water, to rinse off any residues of the mixture.

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