Expobar Brewtus Office Leva IV Review

Expobar Brewtus Office Leva IV Review

Expobar Brewtus IV is the ideal machine for true espresso lovers who prefer results to aesthetics. Expobar Brewtus IV is also referred to the name “Office” because it was designed on a scale large enough to provide refreshment for an entire office. The technological equipment and the high level design make the Expobar Brewtus IV lever a top of the range machine at a very affordable price.


Expobar Brewtus IV is a large capacity double boiler espresso machine equipped with a vibration pump. The boiler temperature is monitored by a PID, which keeps the temperature stable and can be adjusted to adapt to the various extraction needs. The double boiler system allows you to prepare coffee and produce steam at the same time.

Expobar Brewtus IV with double boiler is usually distributed in two versions:

  • Brewtus IV P, equipped with a vibration pump and the possibility of connection to the water mains.
  • Brewtus IV-R, with a rotary pump exclusively dedicated to connection to the water supply without a tank.

The large Brewtus IV boilers are filled with a 2.5 liter water tank, which can easily be fitted with a water softener. The chrome-plated brass infuser unit is supported by an advanced system of thermal siphons that can circulate water from the boiler to the head of the unit to ensure more than appropriate extraction conditions.


The Expobar Brewtus IV machine has a very solid and compact appearance. Expobar Brewtus Leva has a large removable stainless steel drip tray that can hold up to 2 liters of liquid before it needs to be emptied. On the top of the machine is the stainless steel cup warmer.

The front of the machine is a masterpiece of simplicity with the E61 dispensing group in evidence. The stainless steel hot water dispensing wand is located on the right of the E61 group. The hot water valve features the classic five-pointed rounded design. Next to the valve is the pressure gauge and the light indicator of the steam boiler. The power switch is located to the left of the group head.

The body of the machine is set in an elegant apparatus in polished stainless steel that gives the machine a very solid appearance, simple in design but at the same time elegant.


Expobar uses premium-level components, which are configured in such a way that any future maintenance is sure to be carried out without problems. The internal layout of the Expobar Brewtus Office Leva IV is very wide and allows adequate access in the event of parts replacement and maintenance.