How to prepare a real Italian espresso with Gaggia Classic

How to prepare a real Italian espresso with Gaggia Classic

With Gaggia Classic, the timeless Gaggia model, you can free the bartender in you, in the comfort of your home. Dedicated to true lovers of Italian espresso with natural cream, it contains years of tradition and authentic passion for the art of making espresso. In this article, Caffè Italia gives you some valuable tips for preparing a perfect coffee with your Gaggia Classic.


After turning on and heating the machine and filter holder, the first step to follow to prepare a coffee in a workmanlike manner with your Gaggia Classic is to choose the filter.

The Gaggia Classic manual machine is equipped with 3 filters to choose from.

  • Perfect cream filter for ground coffee: to be used with the emulsifying jet aerator. For the first few times, we recommend using this filter to prepare your perfect espresso.
  • Traditional filter for ground coffee: does not require the use of the aerator. Once you have acquired manual skills and experience, you can switch to this type of filter, for a true bartender experience in your home.
  • Traditional filter for single portion paper pods: to be used if you prefer pods.


Choosing the blend for your coffee is a fundamental step, as it will affect the taste and body of your espresso.

  • The quality. It is important to make sure that the blend used to make coffee is always of high quality. In particular, the varieties of coffee on the market depend on factors such as: the variety of the plant, where it is grown, the harvest, the climate and the roasting.
  • The composition. It affects both the taste and aroma and the body of the coffee. We specify that a percentage of Robusta variety can lead to a more consistent cream.
  • The grinding. As for the next phase, we suggest a grinding neither too fine nor too coarse. The ideal is to ask for roasting or buy a fine blend, specific for coffee machines.
  • The roasting. The roasting that guarantees the best balance between the aromas and flavors of coffee is medium-light. We also recommend to prefer clean air roasting systems as they preserve all the organoleptic properties of coffee.

Perfect italian espresso


After choosing the mixture you can proceed to the actual preparation.

First you need to dose the coffee: this will affect the intensity of the coffee and the speed with which it will be extracted. The Italian espresso par excellence requires at least 7 grams of ground coffee; therefore, for an espresso we recommend 1 scoop (7 gr) or even 1.5, for two coffees, two scoops.

After choosing the dose, you can switch to pressing. Just press the coffee thanks to the special press, applying a uniform force, so as to obtain a flat and well-leveled surface.

Finally, simply hook the filter holder to the group from left to right and press the button to brew the coffee. You just have to taste your Italian espresso in a workmanlike manner, directly to your home.