How do you clean a lever coffee machine?

How do you clean a lever coffee machine?

The constant use of a coffee machine implies the presence on the filters and filter holders of residual oils of the ground coffee which carbonize causing unpleasant odors and changes in the flavor of the drinks.

For this reason, it is very important to maintain constant machine cleaning, especially in the case of lever models that do not have automatic rinsing systems.

cleaning coffee machine

Cleaning of lever machines must therefore be carried out in the following ways:

  • External cleaning: using a damp cloth and a brush it is possible to clean the shower heads.
  • Cleaning filters and filter holders: they are immersed in a bowl of hot water to which it is possible to add a detergent product capable of acting by descaling the residual oils. It is very important to rinse it in hot water before hanging up the elements to the machine
  • Cleaning the steam wand: after each use it is advisable to clean the steam wand both externally, with a damp cloth, and inside by operating the steam wand in a solution of cold water and a suitable detergent.

The frequency of cleaning obviously depends on the frequency of use. However, a routine daily cleaning routine keeps the machine in ideal conditions of duration and use.