La Marzocco KB90, easy to use and highly productive

La Marzocco KB90, easy to use and highly productive

La Marzocco is launching the new model KB90 world-wide. The KB90 represents innovation in the world of commercial coffee makers. It has been designed to improve the ergonomics, cleanliness and productivity of the barman’s work in busy environments. The model is available in 2 or 3 group versions.

La Marzocco KB90 uses technology based on two separate insulated boilers to enhance espresso delivery and steam production. The machine uses a thermal stability system when water passes through each component. KB90 has two distinct PIDs for coffee and steam. The Pro Touch steam wands are always comfortable to touch. The machine’s settings can be programmed intuitively using the digital display. It also has a USB connection to update the firmware.

The bodywork of the KB90, in full La Marzocco style, is inspired by the curves of the Marzocco shield, but exists with a mixed design from the fast, iconic cars of the 70s. Something to note, after putting the KB90 through a real road test and having caressed all the metal panels, is the perfect juxtapositions among the machine’s body parts. Also the fact that the panels can be customised to the customer’s choice using powder paints should not be overlooked.

For the first time, the barman has the opportunity to work more safely and productively, trying out a new level of safety, performance, efficiency and cleanliness in the bar. The Straight-In coupling system simplifies the operator’s movements, removing the need to twist the wrist as in traditional bayonet coupling systems and drastically reduces the risk of wrist injury.

The machine’s efficiency has been enhanced thanks to the Steam Flush function: after each delivery a jet of steam and hot water passes through he group’s head to keep the machine clean even at peak times. This innovative feature minimises any unpleasant taste in the coffee and increases the time between washes.

“KB90 enables more efficient production of beverages, reducing the barman’s effort and improving the quality of service.”

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