Lelit Kate PL82T Review

Lelit Kate PL82T Review

In this post we make a short review of the LELIT Kate PL82T a model of coffee machine with integrated coffee grinder that allows you to use a small barista station saving useful space in the kitchen.


Lelit Kate PL82T is a single boiler semiautomatic espresso machine with integrated coffee grinder. The coffee mill is equipped with 38mm conical mills and has the possibility to adjust the grinding time. Lelit Kate PL82T is sold with a professional filter holder that uses non-pressurized 58mm filters. The machine tank has a capacity of 2.5 liters.

At the front the machine presents the buttons for dispensing espresso coffee, hot water, steam and the pressure gauge for adjusting the boiler pressure. The machine has a PID display for controlling the water temperature. The coffee grinding system consists of a bean container positioned in the upper part of the body and of a coffee grinder located to the left of the brewing group.


Lelit Kate PL82T is a semi-automatic coffee machine with integrated coffee mill characterized by simple and elegant lines. The body of the machine is in stainless steel, the dimensions are small and allow a minimum space occupation inside the kitchen despite the considerable height.

Lelit PL82T


Lelit Kate PL82T features a timer that is activated automatically when preparing an espresso coffee. The timer is a visual warning and does not provide automatic shut off functionality. The water temperature and the pre-infusion duration can be adjusted directly from the front-facing PID display. Lelit Kate PL82T allows to adjust the grinding time and the granulometry by means of a knob positioned on the side of the coffee mill.


It is possible to clean the machine using a normal detergent product for coffee machines. The procedure to follow involves the use of the valve that discharges the pressure through the filter and the coffee mill. To clean the coffee grinder it is necessary to use a special detergent that removes oily residues.

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