La Pavoni Europiccola Review

La Pavoni Europiccola Review


La Pavoni Europiccola is a lever machine of excellence that allows to make optimal use of coffee powders in order to obtain the authentict and perfect tasting espresso.
The boiler capacity is 0.80 liters (not very high) and theoretically achieves 8 cups of espresso coffee consecutively thanks to the provision of a pressure switch that guarantees constant boiler pressure.
The average heating time is about 5 minutes. The extraction pressure ranges from 1 to 9 atmospheres and the correct water temperature is obtained from a mix between the water in the group chamber and the warmer water taken from the boiler.
La Pavoni Europiccola also allows you to prepare cappuccinos by delivering dry steam and suitable for obtaining the right foaminess of the milk cream. However, the temperature does not guarantee eternal stability and this entails a problem when it will be necessary to prepare more than 2 cappuccinos at a time.


The lever machine that does not know fashions. The design of the lever machine is a strong element of the La Pavoni Europiccola model. The style belongs to the 50s and fits easily to any destination embellishing the context of furniture at the same time. The copper and brass materials combined with the wooden handles favor a meeting point between elegance, quality and reliability.


To start using the La Pavoni Europiccola machine it is necessary to insert the water into the boiler, turn on the starter switch and lower the lever in order to reach the correct temperature.
Once the coffee has been inserted into the filter holder, it is necessary to raise the lever, waiting a few seconds to favor the flow of water into the pre-infusion chamber. In this way, with a regular pressure, the water is pressed onto the coffee powder, thus favoring the extraction of the espresso.
The main difficulty is identifying the right coffee grinding. Once the right granulometry is found, the extraction allows to obtain an espresso with a sweet and delicate cream.

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The La Pavoni Europiccola machine, despite the good quality of the materials used, requires a good deal of maintenance in terms of lubrication and cleaning. In order to keep the machine in good condition and to protect it from encrustation, it is necessary to periodically disassemble and lubricate the main components.

Due to the thermal expansion and contraction it will also be necessary to check and subsequently adjust the lock of the loosened screws during the normal period of use.

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