Rancilio Silvia Review

Rancilio Silvia


The Rancilio Silvia coffee machine represents a model of excellence in the world of coffee machines for the domestic sector. Rancilio Silvia allows you to prepare excellent coffees just like those prepared by professional models.The heating times are longer than 3 minutes but allow to manage volumes of coffee higher than those of other models dedicated to the domestic segment.
The 15-bar pump allows excellent pressure management while the heat is regulated by three thermostats which favors the achievement of an optimal beverage temperature.
The boiler group of Rancilio Silvia is made of naval brass, resistant to the accumulation of encrustations and able to encourage an energy saving of 8% in standby mode compared to the front models. The solenoid valve relieves the water pressure from the coffee when the dispenser switch is turned off in order to dry the coffee to prevent dripping and facilitate the extraction of coffee from the filter holder with a single shot.
The upper part of Rancilio Silvia is used for the heating of the cups with a capacity of 6 units.

Rancilio Silvia


The Rancilio Silvia coffee machine is made of stainless steel. The silver color allows the machine to adapt to all environments of furniture, classic and modern. The size and weight are relatively large, compared to those of other domestic coffee machines but the square design and rigid shapes allow easy adaptation to all the shelves of your kitchen.
The handle is ergonomically designed, while the features buttons, positioned on the front side, present a charming vintage look.

Rancilio Silvia


The Rancilio Silvia offers performances like the professional models but maintains an ease of use that allows anyone to prepare a delicious espresso as a professional barista.
The buttons positioned on the front side are very clear and allow a complete management of all functions. Before starting to prepare your espresso, you must allow the machine to warm up. When the rectangular orange light next to the power switch goes out, the temperature has reached the correct level.
It is therefore possible to install the filter holder using a movement from left to right to lock it in place and activate the button to start coffee brewing.


The external cleaning of the machine is very easy, as Rancilio Silvia has a smooth and easily cleaned surface. The drip tray can easily be removed at the front to take care of that excess water.

The machine allows two internal cleaning methods, essential to keep the machine in good condition, but also to maintain an excellent coffee tasting. Descaling to be performed every 6 months and backflush which involves the insertion of the cleaning granules in the filter holder and the activation of the machine for small dispensing and subsequent rinsing.

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