Rancilio Silvia PRO official sponsor of the reality show “The Barista League”

Rancilio Silvia PRO official sponsor of the reality show "The Barista League"

The Barista League is a reality show contest where aspiring baristas compete against each other with shots of coffee, cappuccinos and latte art with the aim of electing the best online barista. After a first season organized through live events, the second season will be hosted online with 11 episodes that will be broadcast in Reality TV format on InstagramTV, Facebook and Youtube channels. Check out the trailer for season two.

The start of the show is set for November 25th. On this date the five international baristas will face each other in a series of challenging coffee-based challenges. The technical sponsor of The Barista League will be Rancilio, a leading Italian company in the distribution of professional coffee machines. The company will provide each competing barista with the new Rancilio Silvia Pro: the latest model of the Italian company’s coffee machine designed for the domestic segment but with components and features in line with the professional models.

Rancilio Silvia Pro

The machine, an evolution of the iconic Rancilio Silvia, is equipped with double boiler technology and offers accurate control over all beverage extraction and preparation operations. With Silvia Pro it is possible to independently adjust the temperature of the water for coffee and that of the steam via internal PIDs, located in the coffee boiler and in the new steam boiler. The quality materials and use-resistant components of Silvia Pro derive from Rancilio professional coffee machines: brass brewing unit, ergonomic filter holder with 7 and 14 gr. Basket, insulated boilers and multi-directional stainless-steel steam wand.

All competitors of The Barista League will therefore have a Rancilio Silvia Pro that they can use in online challenges organized in the comfort of their own home. At the end of the competition, the best home barista will win an all-inclusive trip to Daterra Coffee Farm located in Brazil.

Within the program there will naturally be judges who will evaluate the individual challenges, many special guests, and many coffee-based surprises! All that remains is to stay tuned and discover the evolution of the competition episode after episode. Stay tuned!