Review Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

Review Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

The expansion of the domestic coffee machines market has consequently developed the market segment of the coffee grinders that allow you to quickly enjoy your favorite blend by choosing the preferred grinding level.

In this post we present a brief review of one of the most famous coffee grinders on the market, the Rancilio Rocky offered by one of the historic leading companies in the production and distribution of coffee machines and accessories.

Rancilio Rocky


Rancilio Rocky is available on the market in two versions

  • Rancilio Rocky D (with dispenser) that has a hopper container for ground coffee equipped with a flap that can be operated with a “click” in order to prevail the dose necessary for the preparation of coffee. In this case the device remains cleaner because the coffee powder is contained inside the container.
  • Rancilio Rocky SD (without dispenser) allows grinding of coffee at the moment. Also the level of grinding must be defined at the initial level according to your preferences or according to the different context of use. In this case it is also possible to remove the holder of the filter holder in order to grind the coffee inside a container.

The first type of coffee grinder is thick used in a professional context (bar, where the grinding volumes are greater) while the second one allows to taste the coffee with greater freshness avoiding the dispersion of the scent of the already ground coffee.

Rancilio Rocky


The Rocky rancilio in the two versions, D doser and SD doserless, is equipped with 50 cm steel bars, very suitable for domestic use.

The Rancilio Rocky engine is a low-torque direct-drive model that runs at 1750 revolutions per minute. This makes grinding fast, quiet and helps reduce overheating. The motor is strongly insulated and has a shutdown switch due to thermal overload. Both help to protect the excessive heat that may occur during the grinding of the grains, as well as protecting the motor and the grinding device if something gets jammed in the millstones.

The grind times are about 20-30 seconds, not very fast but still suitable for a domestic use. The selection of the grinding degree is very wide, from the very fine coffee powder necessary for the Turkish coffee to the coarser coffee suitable for the filter coffee.


When cleaning the Rocky coffee grinder it is necessary to remove the hopper and wash it together with the lid with warm water and soap every 2 days.

The mills need to be cleaned on a weekly basis in order to keep oil and residues low which could easily obstruct the grinding compartment. You can use a cleaning brush or use a specific product for cleaning the coffee mill. The housing of the coffee grinder and the chute that dispenses the coffee must be cleaned daily with a soft and damp cloth.

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