Review Ascaso Dream

Review Ascaso Dream

In this post we present one of the most famous models on the market of domestic coffee machines: Ascaso Dream. The Ascaso company was founded in the last century as a manufacturer of coffee machine spare parts and only in the late 90s launched its own coffee machine models on the market.


The Ascaso Dream coffee machine has a body finished in polished aluminum with rounded edges that gives it a pleasant style, avoiding the square appearance of classic coffee machine models. The height of the machine is 34 cm and is therefore easily adaptable to any space in the kitchen. The Ascaso Dream model is available in 10 colors (the coffee machine with the widest range of colors on the international market) and three different finishes: glossy, opaque (textured) and handmade.

Review Ascaso Dream

Review Ascaso Dream


Ascaso Dream presents a Thermoblock boiler in aluminum and stainless steel that allows to reach adequate and stable working temperatures in rapid succession. Two thermostats control the coffee and steam temperature respectively, while another thermostat protects the machine from possible overheating. The water circulates through a stainless steel circuit which reduces the accumulation of limestone to a minimum.

The group is made of chrome-plated brass and thanks to the “Dream Up” element, it is possible to evenly distribute the heat during the extraction process to guarantee a more uniform espresso.

The Ascaso Dream model is available with two types of portafilter

  • Fixed portafilter for using the ESE capsules
  • Mobile portafilter for the use of both ground coffee and ESE capsules.

The model Ascaso Dream is also equipped with a 20 bar pump that allows extracting the maximum aroma of coffee while maintaining adequate taste and organoleptic properties. Ascaso Dream is also equipped with a solenoid valve that reduces the pressure of the head of the unit as soon as the coffee switch is turned off. The water is then returned to the tank and in this way the pressure loss of the filter holder is avoided.

Review Ascaso Dream


The Ascaso Dream model has three simple switches all necessary to make the machine work. The central power switch serves to heat the boiler. The left switch controls the steam for the foam and the right switch controls the coffee brewing process. A series of lights tell you when the machine is on and when it is at the right temperature to prepare espresso or foam.

A convenient PID function (on the Ascaso Dream PID model) allows electronic control of the temperature of the coffee and steam unit and allows activation of the pre-infusion and dosing functions.

Review Ascaso Dream


The machine with aluminum body needs an adequate cleaning, especially in case of water accumulation where it will be necessary to proceed immediately with the drying operations avoiding the stain effect. The rinsing and cleaning operations must be carried out following the Ascaso manuals and using the appropriate Ascaso cleaning products.