Are you undecided on which grinder to choose between the Ceado E37S or the Mazzer Super Jolly? Both coffee grinders are suitable for home use. Which is the best for your needs? Let's analyze the following points:

  • The quality of the two products;
  • Similarities and differences;
  • Purchase prices.

Based on this information we will give our advice on which one to buy.

Ceado E37S

Ceado E37S

Ceado E37S is a high quality coffee grinder suitable for situations where there is not much space for installation, a situation that we often find in a home or office. The compact size and powerful motor also make it a suitable solution for professionals and small coffee roasters.

Mazzer Super Jolly

Mazzer Super Jolly

If you are looking for a cheaper coffee grinder than the Ceado E37S, Mazzer Super Jolly could be an excellent solution for you. The Mazzer Super Jolly coffee grinder has a precise adjustment system with countless grinding possibilities and a large capacity hopper, perfect for small businesses and home use.

Similarities between Ceado E37S and Mazzer Super Jolly

Similarities between Ceado E37S and Mazzer Super Jolly

The millstones

Let's start with a comparison between the E37S and the Super Jolly grinders: both have flat grinders which, thanks to the quality of the materials, produce perfectly homogeneous coffee beans for a balanced extraction and a full taste. In both coffee grinders the grinders are made of steel. Compared to the ceramic ones, the steel grinders are sharper and allow you to grind coffee beans effortlessly for a long time.

Adjusting the coffee grinder

Both the Ceado E37S and the Mazzer Super Jolly provide total control over the grind. Their manual adjustment systems allow an infinite number of adjustments through the use of the dedicated dial or knob. Both are not limited to just providing preset settings.

Available colours

In many cases, the aesthetic aspect is a fundamental factor in choosing an appliance. In these cases, the color must also adapt well to the space in which the coffee grinder is installed. Both coffee grinders are available in two different colors:

  • Ceado E37S is available in white or black color options;
  • Mazzer Super Jolly is available in black or silver color options.

Similarities between Ceado E37S and Mazzer Super Jolly

Filter holder

Both the Ceado E37S and the Mazzer Super Jolly are supplied with a dedicated filter holder to be placed on a special support to receive the coffee after grinding.

Differences between Ceado E37S and Mazzer Super Jolly

Hopper size

When choosing an espresso grinder, it is important to consider the hopper size. In this regard, Mazzer proposes a larger hopper with a capacity of approximately 1.22 kg. The Ceado hopper, on the other hand, has a capacity of 0.58 kg. In a situation where continuous grinding is required, this means that the Mazzer can grind for about twice as long as the Ceado. This could be an important factor to consider.


Mazzer Super Jolly is a coffee grinder with dispenser while Ceado E37S is a coffee grinder without dispenser. With a coffee grinder such as the Mazzer Super Jolly, the ground coffee is not dispensed directly into the basket, but into a connected container. Ground coffee is used by dispensing it from this container as needed. Ceado E37S, on the other hand, dispenses freshly ground coffee directly into the filter holder.

In a crowded environment the configuration of the Mazzer dispenser can be as it allows you to grind the coffee in advance. It is important to remember that ground coffee loses its aroma quickly, even if available inside the dispenser it is important to use the coffee quickly enough.

Differences between Ceado E37S and Mazzer Super Jolly

Engine power

The engine power of a coffee grinder is an important factor. More powerful motors allow you to grind the coffee beans more easily and to obtain a regular grind. The Ceado E37S has a 500 watt motor while the Mazzer Super Jolly has a power of 350 watts. In this case, Ceado E37 has a higher grinding speed, it can grind up to 5 grams of coffee per second against the 1.5 grams per second of the Mazzer Super Jolly. An espresso coffee requires about 7 grams of ground coffee on average.

Size of the millstones

The grinders of the Ceado E37S have a surface of 83 mm, almost 20 mm larger than those of the Mazzer Super Jolly which measure 64 mm. In this sense, the size of the grinders makes the Ceado E37S an excellent product for small bars and cafes or restaurants.

Product size

The Ceado E37S has a height of about 43 cm while the Mazzer Super Jolly is 61 cm high. A tall coffee grinder like the Mazzer Super Jolly can be difficult to install under a cupboard or shelf. However, Mazzer proposes a smaller bell that allows a total height of 43 cm.

Which one to buy then?

Both the Ceado E37S and the Mazzer Super Jolly offer you an excellent grinding experience. Each offers specific benefits. If you are interested in an inexpensive product, the best option is the Mazzer Super Jolly. If, on the other hand, you are interested in grinding speed, we recommend choosing the Ceado E37S.