Coffee properties

A study by Boston Children's Hospital in the U.S. showed that caffeine activated the pleasure centers in the brains of mice and eased their pain. The study's results suggested that caffeine may actually be more beneficial than painkillers. If you deal with pain on an occasional or chronic basis and prefer holistic treatments rather than taking medication, drinking a delicious cup of coffee may be a great way to feel better fast. Research from trusted sources shows that coffee actually has analgesic properties. 

How to use coffee to ease pain

If you know that you're going to be experiencing discomfort on a certain day, add more coffee to the mix. For example, if you're planning to get a tattoo in a particularly sensitive pain-point of your body, such as your fingers, have a cup of coffee beforehand. If you're dealing with discomfort due to stuffiness from allergies, drinking coffee may ease the pain, as it is known to have vasoconstrictive properties. In fact, the caffeine in coffee is now a popular additive in a lot of beauty products because it has been shown to bring down swelling. Drinking coffee may help allergy sufferers to feel less stuffed up by toning down inflammation, without the downside of allergy medications. A cup of two of coffee should be more than enough, as it's key to enjoy your brew without overdoing it. 

Properties of coffee

How does coffee ease discomfort?

According to the aforementioned study, coffee eases pain by blocking hypersensitivity to discomfort. This type of hypersensitivity may develop when a person doesn't get enough rest. If you're not sleeping enough at night, drinking coffee in an a.m. and sleeping more at night will be a good way to try and maximize the analgesic benefits of coffee. Rest is an important part of the equation, so choose the right time to drink coffee, as it does contain caffeine which is a stimulant. When you drink coffee early in the day (you may switch to decaf later on), it'll be easy to fall asleep at night, and you may notice that the combination of coffee and sleep leads to impressive pain relief that is drug-free. Everyone is different, so results will vary, but the research looks very positive.  

Find the perfect coffee drink

Black coffee is fantastic, but there are other ways to bring more coffee goodness into your life, including coffee drinks with a little more creativity, such as caramel macchiatos and iced Americanos. Have fun with finding your favorite coffee drink that brings you joy, as this happiness will also work to keep your mind off of pain. In general, coffee drinks with the least sugar will be the healthiest choices, but sugar-free alternatives, such as flavored coffee syrups, are out there. 

Now that you know more about the link between coffee and pain relief, why not enjoy a cup of java right now? Coffee is one of life's little pleasures and it may provide significant health benefits, including the capacity to ease or eliminate pain. Black coffee has just two calories per cup, so it's also a diet-friendly way to tackle discomfort and get a little lift that makes it easier to get through the day.