Sage presents the new manual coffee machine The Bambino

Sage presents the new manual coffee machine The Bambino

Sage Appliances, a company of the US group Breville, leader in the production of kitchen appliances, will present at the world trade fair for the Ho.Re.Ca. Host 2021 the Bambino model, a manual espresso machine capable of offering professional performance at a very low-price range.

Sage the Bambino model

Sage The Bambino presents a very common line to The Bambino Plus, the successful model of the manual line of Sage coffee machines with which it shares four fundamental characteristics to obtain a quality espresso coffee: dosage control, optimal pressure, temperature stability and steam control.

Sage, the Bambino is equipped with a ThermoJet heating system that allows the machine to warm up in about 2-3 seconds. The machine is also equipped with a 15-bar pump, with its drain valve and a digital temperature control system (PID) capable of delivering water at the optimum temperature.

The Bambino coffee maker

The Bambino also has the following functional characteristics:

  • Ideal 54 mm professional filter holder that always favors the correct dosage.
  • Steam wand powered by the ThermoJet system capable of preparing a perfect milk froth for all Latte Art lovers.
  • Low pressure pre-infusion and 9 bar extraction functions thanks to the 15-bar pump.
  • 1.3 liter water tank.
  • Control panel with buttons for 1 cup, 2 cups, hot water, and steam.
  • Tamper, 1 and 2 cup double wall filters.

The Bambino espresso coffee machine will be launched at Host 2021 and will feature a launch price of 314 GBP. Of course, the machine will also be available on our online stores as soon as possible.