Sensational new colors for the Gaggia New Classic

Sensational new colors for the Gaggia New Classic

Gaggia is a leading Italian company in the production and distribution of manual and automatic coffee machines for both the domestic segment and the professional sector. The Gaggia Classic coffee machine has always been considered as the top model within the entry level domestic range. Recently Gaggia launched the New Gaggia Classic model with new details in terms of design and functionality.

The new Gaggia Classic is a model of coffee machine that will allow you to become a real barista at home, rediscovering the traditional gestures of espresso professionals at every coffee break. But there are still important news. The Gaggia New Classic is now available in five new colors: classic blue, industrial gray, polar white, cherry red and thunder black.

New Gaggia Classic

The new features of the Gaggia New Classic include a set of rocker switches, a three-way solenoid valve, warning lights for temperature control and a new support for the pump. The Gaggia New Classic also features a professional steam wand capable of whipping milk according to the standards required by the most demanding baristas.

In addition to all the new features of the New Classic modelGaggia now satisfies all its loyal customers with five color alternatives ready to satisfy any need for style and personality.