What Your Coffee Choices Reveal About Your Personality

What Your Coffee Choices Reveal About Your Personality

Comedian and TV host David Letterman once said, “…If it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.” Despite being a tea-loving nation, as many as 95 million cups of coffee are being consumed in the UK every day. These cups of coffee may have some things in common, but in other regards, they are also as different as the individuals who consume them. Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to coffee, with some preferring it black and strong while others are more drawn to a milky and sweet cup of java. While it may be somewhat clichéd to judge a person by the way they drink their coffee, you may be very surprised by just how accurate some of these associations may be.


If black coffee is your poison, chances are you are an old-school go-getter who enjoys the simple things in life. While you might be somewhat set in your ways, you are undoubtedly helpful and accommodating. Individuals who are organised and creative and possess other characteristics that are typical of a ‘confident’ personality type, tend to enjoy their coffee in its simplest form. Although black coffee may be seen as an acquired taste, there is no better way to enjoy the flavour nuances of a freshly-brewed cup of java. You may also enjoy a range of health benefits, including a reduced risk of diabetes and inflammation, when you enjoy your coffee bare which is bound to be great news for any determined personality.

Coffee Choices


Latte and cappuccino lovers tend to be well-balanced people who know how to work hard and play hard. Although latte drinkers tend to be a bit more fun-loving that their cappuccino-favouring counterparts, both have the ability to face whatever obstacles life throws at them head-on without getting overly frenzied in the process. Cappuccino drinkers are generally eager to meet deadlines and stick to a schedule, while latte devotees don’t buy into peer pressure and are not worried about some competition in the workplace and in their personal lives. According o the infamous Myers-Briggs personality test, INTJ personality types are logical dream-chasers and typically favour cappuccinos, while warm-hearted ISFJ’s love the comfort a sweet latte brings.


If you can’t see yourself drinking anything but iced lattes and other fancy flavoured coffee drinks, chances are the idea of drinking coffee appeals more to you than actual coffee does. Although there is nothing wrong with sipping on a frozen latte on a hot day, it will hardly qualify you as a serious coffee drinker. These types of drinks are most commonly indulged-in by INFP and INTP-personality types who are naturally idealistic and tend to have smaller, close-knit groups of friends instead of large groups of casual acquaintances. Many university students, and particularly those studying towards a creative qualification, are big fans of frozen caffeinated drinks and with good reason – they are totally delicious!

Judging someone’s personality by the coffee they drink might not be a definite science, but it does make for interesting conversation. You might also be pleasantly surprised by just how accurate the coffee-personality associations are.