The best 2022 choices for each type of espresso coffee machine

The best 2022 choices for each type of espresso coffee machine

An espresso coffee machine is an investment. There are several ways to prepare an espresso: with manual, semi-automatic, automatic, super-automatic and pod machines. Caffè Italia has selected the best espresso coffee machines for each type of technology. In this article we will analyse the various types of coffee machines and we will make a preference on what we believe is the machine to buy.

Manual machines


Preferred by traditionalists, manual coffee espresso machines are the original way to prepare espresso. They are driven by a piston and require the user to pump a lever to generate the pressure needed to pull a shot. Operating one of these machines requires precision and concentration on the part of the brewer, but it can be very rewarding to be able to pull your shot. Manual machines require finely ground beans which are collected in a filter holder and pressed.


La Pavoni Europiccola EL lever machine is largely constructed of cast brass and is built to last. The large boiler ensures that limescale deposits have a minimal effect, which means that minimal maintenance is required. By lifting the lever, a piston inside the body is raised, allowing pressurized water to infuse the coffee into the filter holder.

The lever is then lowered, causing the plunger to push the water through the coffee into the cup. The user can then vary the speed at which the water passes through the coffee, ensuring that the coffee is made exactly according to their needs. This machine is equipped with a cappuccino attachment for frothing milk.

Semi-automatic machines


Semi-automatic machines are similar to manual ones in terms of brewing but they work with a button (instead of a lever) that automates the flow of water. These machines are very simple to use: to prepare an excellent espresso coffee, simply insert the ground coffee into the filter holder and press a button.


Rancilio Silvia Pro is the new espresso machine designed to offer an extraordinary coffee experience in the comfort of home. The Rancilio Silvia Pro is a single group machine that provides precision and control on every shot, with a limited footprint thanks to its compact design. Silvia Pro is a combination of the professional performance of Rancilio espresso machines and the robust simplicity of Silvia. With the addition of two PIDs, a digital display, two independent boilers and a wider range of coffee solutions, Silvia Pro is designed to provide coffee-quality espresso from the comfort of home. Included in the original Rancilio tamper and blind filter package.

Automatic machines


With automatic espresso machines, coffee is prepared by pressing a button instead of using a lever. The quantity of espresso coffee or of the selected coffee-based beverage dispensed is automated and often programmable. Automatic coffee machines are often equipped with a cappuccinatore. With this type of coffee machine, it is possible to prepare drinks such as cappuccino or macchiato, or heat the water for tea and herbal teas. A point in favor of the automatic coffee machine is that it does not dirty. After extracting the coffee from the powder, in fact, the machine unloads the grounds into a dedicated drawer.


Thanks to the 54 mm portafilter with a capacity of 18 grams and the automatic milk frothing, Sage The Bambino Plus allows you to prepare an excellent coffee with a full-bodied aroma, like professional machines. With a warm-up time of just 3 seconds and a precise extraction, you go from bean to cup faster than ever. Just like at your favorite bar. Sage The Bambino Plus is easy to use thanks to the intuitive setting of the two buttons located at the top right that allow you to select a single shot or two shots. This machine is known for its speed in making coffee. It has a portafilter capable of holding 19 grams of coffee, for a full-bodied, well-balanced and creamy espresso.

Super-automatic machines


Super-automatic machines are the evolution of automatic machines. In addition to the automated and programmable quantity of coffee, they also allow you to grind coffee beans. From the freshly ground beans it is possible to obtain different drinks according to your tastes: black coffee, espresso, americano, ristetto, cappuccino and latte macchiato.


The Gaggia Cadorna Style automatic coffee machine has a modern design, and with lines that we can define halfway between symmetrical and rounded. The interface is simple and intuitive, using it is extremely easy. But this product goes beyond beauty, there are six drinks available, the pre-set set includes: restricted coffee, espresso, long espresso, coffee, americano, and finally hot water to prepare tea or infusions. Plus, all six drinks are fully customizable via the control panel. In fact, the machine allows you to choose between various options: aroma intensity, quantity of coffee, quantity of water, single or multiple dispensing, and finally also offers the pre-ground coffee option.

A special mention also goes to the grinding system. The grinders are made of 100% ceramic and are adjustable in 10 different levels. The grind ranges from “fine” (eg level 1) to “coarse” (eg level 10). Thanks to these settings it will be possible to give a personalized touch to the coffee, the taste will vary from intense to light. All this can also be adjusted from the personal menu which can be consulted on the small LCD.

Pod / capsule coffee machines


The capsule or pod coffee machines are ideal for those who want to obtain an espresso quickly and easily, they are practical to use and require little time and cleaning. Preparing a good coffee with these machines is very simple: just insert the capsule inside the machine, activate the dispensing button and the coffee is ready. This saves time and you can enjoy an excellent coffee comparable to that obtained at the bar.


An icon of taste and design that was born 20 years ago from the inspiration of Francesco Illy and the inspiration of the designer Luca Trazzi. The smooth curves of the X1 capture the dream of a coffee machine “so beautiful it will make anyone who sees it smile”. A fully versatile multi-drink machine, the X1 Anniversary makes barista-quality espresso, coffee, cappuccino and latte with ease. Use the steam / hot water wand to froth milk for cappuccino and creamy milk, as well as hot water for tea.

The new Francis & Francis X1 Anniversary E.S.E & Ground machine is environmentally friendly thanks to its energy saving system and the quality and durability of the materials it is made of. Designed by Luca Trazzi with references to industrial design from the 1960s, it is the cult object for becoming a master bartender. The machine is available in 3 colors: stainless steel, red and black.

Francis and Francis X1 Anniversary allows you to prepare an excellent coffee thanks to two modes: E.S.E pods and ground coffee.


With this article we hope to have clarified the various types of espresso coffee machines available on the market. Our selection is based on years of experience in the coffee machine sector and on the feedback from our customers. Discover our store to discover other proposals or contact us if you need support in choosing the most suitable coffee machine to meet your needs.