Complete guide to the types of Italian coffee

Complete guide to the types of Italian coffee

Espresso, macchiato, decaffeinated, restricted: the types of Italian coffee are truly numerous and all different from each other, both in preparation and in flavor. In this article we briefly introduce each type of coffee, hoping to guide you in choosing the drink that best suits your coffee tastes.


Perfect on the go, for a break or after meals, Caffè Espresso is the most loved and drunk Italian coffee. With its 25 ml, this drink forms the basis for most of the coffee variants common in Italy.

If you want to prepare it comfortably at home, we recommend purchasing the Rancilio Silvia coffee machine. Ergonomic and easy to use, this espresso machine will make your coffee ritual flawless and delicious and will transform you into the perfect baristas in your home.

Espresso Coffee


With its 15-20 milliliters, Caffè Ristretto is the smallest type of Italian espresso there is. This drink, more concentrated and creamier than the others presented so far, has a particularly aromatic and decisive taste.

Built with the finest materials, the La Pavoni Europiccola lever coffee machine allows you to obtain up to 8 cups of coffee consecutively and is the perfect choice for making tasty short coffees.


Decaffeinated Coffee is the perfect drink for those who do not want to give up the taste of a coffee, but who must or prefer to do without caffeine. In particular, the process for obtaining decaffeinated coffee involves extracting the caffeine from the still green bean (ie raw, not yet roasted), subsequently treating it with processes that are very similar to those used for normal coffee.

With the Gaggia Brera coffee machine it is possible to enjoy a decaffeinated coffee like at the bar. In fact, the ground coffee option allows you to use different blends of ground coffee for the preparation of your own coffee-based drink, including a caffeine-free solution.

Caffè Macchiato


Caffè Macchiato Caldo is the perfect combination of the intense aroma of the espresso blend and the creaminess of a drop of hot frothed milk.

Now considered part of the Italian tradition at the bar, this drink includes about 25ml of coffee and only a spot of milk foam. Despite the apparent simplicity that characterizes it, macchiato requires very specific techniques to obtain an optimal result. We emphasize the importance of coffee and milk froth being prepared almost simultaneously, so that they maintain a homogeneous temperature when mixed together.

With Sage The Barista Express you can grind the beans immediately before extraction for an intense aroma and create a tasty milk froth thanks to the steam wand that allows you to whisk the milk by hand.



Known and appreciated all over the world, Cappuccino is another classic Italian coffee perfect to be enjoyed in the morning, to start off on the right foot. This drink consists of an espresso-based coffee garnished with steamed milk foam and served in approximately 180ml cups.

To prepare a creamy and delicious cappuccino at home, we suggest two characteristics of milk to pay attention to.

  • Type of milk: the first step to be followed for making a delicious milk froth that is thick and creamy is the choice of milk. Ideally, we recommend choosing a type of milk with at least 3% protein and 3.5% fat. These characteristics will positively affect the consistency of the foam.
  • Milk temperature: to obtain a perfect cream it is also useful to consider the temperature of the milk. The optimal solution is to use milk at a refrigerator temperature (about 5 ° C), this will make the foam more full-bodied and homogeneous.

Thanks to the super-automatic Gaggia Cadorna Prestige machine, you can prepare a state-of-the-art cappuccino in the comfort of your home. The machine is equipped with an integrated coffee grinder with adjustable ceramic grinders on 10 grinding levels, capable of ensuring excellent aroma extraction, avoiding overheating of the machine and burning of the coffee beans. The integrated milk carafe, on the other hand, allows you to emulsify the milk twice, removing all bubbles: the result is simply perfect froth and always at the right temperature.

Latte Macchiato


Latte Macchiato consists of a glass of frothed milk (about 130ml), mixed with hot milk and “macchiato” by an Espresso. The drink is characterized by a thick white foam on top and numerous shades inside, created by the different textures and temperatures of the elements mixed together.

As for flavor, latte macchiato combines the enveloping taste of hot milk with the strong flavor of espresso.

If you are a Latte Macchiato lover, Gaggia Magenta Prestige is the automatic coffee machine that’s right for you. Proudly designed and produced in Italy, Magenta Prestige allows you to prepare up to 12 different drinks with the simple click. Thanks to the integrated milk carafe and the Optiaroma function, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the aroma by choosing from 5 settings, you can enjoy a creamy and aromatic latte when you want.


In conclusion, the vast assortment of coffee machines available in the Caffè Italia online shop will allow you to prepare a wide range of milk and coffee-based drinks quickly and easily. In this way you will be able to satisfy your every desire and enjoy a perfect espresso comfortably at home, whenever you want.