The best 5 cheap coffee grinders for a quality espresso

The best 5 cheap coffee grinders for a quality espresso

It is well known that a good coffee grinder is one of the most important elements that contribute to the preparation of quality espresso coffee. There are models on the market that allow you to have an excellent quality product and save some money especially when we are not dealing with professional needs. For this reason, we list a series of products that allow you, with a good budget, to have a product of excellent quality.



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The New Rancilio Rocky is the most durable coffee bean grinder available in its price range. It is extremely well made and we highly recommend it for home use and light commercial use. It is a dosing grinder, which makes it especially suited for use with an espresso machine. MD Rocky has grinding burrs with a diameter of 1.9 inch (50 mm), guaranteeing a production of 5.5-7.7 lb/hour (2.5-3.5 kg/h). The dosage is 0.2 Oz (7 g), with a capacity for 10.5 Oz (300 g) of coffee beans. Semi-automatic version.


Saeco Philips Incanto

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Grinta is the on-demand semi-professional grinder with a temporised dosage; the beans are grinded in the correct amount only when you want to prepare a coffee, preserving all its fresh fragrance. Grinta is the semi-professional on-demand grinder with automatic doser. Coffee is ground in the right quantity only when is needed, preserving the aroma of fresh coffee. This feature makes the Grinta ideal for locations with particular needs, as a second coffee grinder for low usage, as well as for all semi-professional needs at home and in the office



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Nemox Lux is a professional coffee grinders with stainless steel body. Nemox Lux uses conical mills, in hardened, tempered steel, to guarantee a long working life and excellent performance over time. The powerful engine is equipped with a reduction system that allows the speed to be reduced from 10,200 to 800 RPM


Quickmill EVO 060

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The Quick Mill EVO 060 is a perfect to obtain a precise and regular grinding of the coffee. Funnel-feeder made of glass. Capacity of the funnel feeder: 400 gr. Grinding adjustable. Grinding system made of steel D.43 mm. Powerful universal motor Quick Mill.


Compak K3PLUS

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Compak K3 Plus has a powerful motor that allows you to work continuously in situations of high demand, maintaining all the properties of the coffee thanks to the cold grinding at low revolutions. Ensures accurate particle size for Espresso and spectacular productivity