The best professional machines for the domestic segment

The best professional machines for the domestic segment

In this post we want to present the best professional coffee machines suitable for the home environment. Many coffee enthusiasts are not satisfied with the features offered by domestic models and for this reason they are oriented towards products capable of offering professional performance and technologies with a compact design suitable for domestic spaces. Many manufacturing companies have conceived and designed coffee machine models that perfectly meet these new consumer needs. Specifically, these models have many aspects in common:

  • an attractive and compact design that makes them perfect for any positioning in a modern or classic kitchen, in a small coffee shop or in an office environment;
  • user-friendly interface generally consisting of a digital display through which it is possible to manage and control all the functions also through the use of mobile apps that can be managed by smartphones;
  • professional group (eg E61) with a temperature stability system that allows you to control every single aspect of the extraction operations;
  • double boiler or heat exchanger system that allows the supply of water for the extraction of coffee and steam for milk at the same time;
  • double water supply system: with tank or with connection to the water network.
  • professional steam wand that allows you to froth milk and foam like a real barista;
  • technological and eco-sustainable systems that guarantee high performance, reducing energy consumption and heating times.

In this post, we present the selection made by the Caffè Italia experts on the professional coffee machines most suitable for domestic use, considering functionality, design and budget.


Dalla Corte Studio

Dalla Corte Studio is a professional espresso machine that fits perfectly at home, in the office or in small shops. Studio was designed to ensure high thermal stability in all extraction operations, it can be used with a tank or connection to the water supply and has a professional steam wand capable of preparing a milk-proof foam art.

All the functions can be managed by means of a digital display capable of setting times for switching on, off and automatic cleaning. The plus is the possibility to customize the machine with colored side panels.

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La Marzocco Linea Mini

La Marzocco Linea Mini is a domestic reinterpretation of the historic La Marzocco Classic model. Mini features a classic and minimal design combined with excellent performance in both the coffee extraction and steam dispensing fields, thanks above all to the innovative heat exchange technology. All features can be managed from a mobile app that allows you to set pre-infusion, switch-on and switch-off times and beverage preparation programs. The whole is completed by a pro-touch steam wand system made with materials that prevent burns to the touch.

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Elektra Verve

Elektra Verve is one of the latest models launched by the Italian company. Verve is characterized by the extreme versatility of use that allows the coffee machine to adapt to any location: domestic kitchen, offices and small cafes.

Verve is characterized by an innovative double boiler technology included within a small body and embellished with a unique style of design and stainless-steel materials and wooden side panels. Also in this case all the functions can be managed with a dedicated mobile App.

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E1 Prima

E1 PRIMA is the latest model of espresso coffee machine launched by Victoria Arduino Italian company. Prima is dedicated to all professionals who want a high-quality espresso even at home. E1 Prima is a versatile coffee machine capable of providing excellent performance with an eye to eco-sustainability in terms of materials and functionality. The strengths of the new Prima model are thermal stability and high productivity in terms of steam.

Prima is characterized by a compact and attractive design that can be further customized with the application of colored magnetic panels available in 6 versions. Also in this case all the functions can be managed from the smartphone.

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Bezzera Matrix DE

Bezzera Matrix DE is an espresso coffee machine featuring a double boiler system that simultaneously allows the dispensing of coffee and the preparation of steam. The machine is characterized by a classic design that is embellished by the side LED panels.

Matrix has all the functionalities of professional machines: pre-infusion functions, temperature stability system, two pid thermostats respectively dedicated to controlling the extraction and steam temperature, rotary pump, internal tank or connection to the water mains.

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We hope this guide may have been useful for you to clarify your ideas on the best professional coffee machine model 2021 for the home sector. For further information or purchase advice, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at this email address: