The most luxurious coffee machine in the world

The most luxurious coffee machine in the world

Even in the world of coffee machines you can find the real flagship. Defined by many as the most beautiful machine in the world, “Espresso veloce” presents the top of the range, for true connoisseurs and certainly not for everyone’s pockets.

Recently introduced in our “Espresso Veloce Royale” range is the coffee machine inspired by Formula 1 engines and made only with high-quality and luxurious materials.

All the “super fast” products are artisan coffee machines, made with noble materials and with a superlative attention to detail. Each example of a coffee machine, made in South Africa but of Italian design, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and by the signature of Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, founder of the company

The most luxurious coffee machine in the world

Most of the components of these coffee machines are subjected to a process of chemical anodizing to release the natural color of the alloy. The shiny finish of the engine parts, the main feature of these works of art, are all polished and assembled by hand.

One of the most captivating details is represented by the exhaust pipes: they are made of titanium alloy and then welded by hand using tungsten and argon. After assembly for eighteen hours they are treated with zirconium to give them the perfect mirror finish. The final process involves heating the ends of the tubes to create the blue sheen like those seen on the original engine.

The Veloce Royale Espresso coffee machine is built as a racing engine and before being put on the market, it is controlled to the tenth of a millimeter to check compliance with tolerances.

The most luxurious coffee machine in the world

This specific model is characterized by extreme luxury because it is built with aerospace alloy, titanium and surgical steel; 18-carat white gold, diamonds, purple royal amethyst and gold-leaf thermosetting fiber guarantee extremely high-quality finishes and justify the sale price.

Even the accessories are perfectly coordinated with the exclusive design of the Espresso Veloce Royale. In fact, the coffee produced by this coffee machine could not be any better because it is tasted in cups made of anodized satin silver with golden handle, covered with a rain of diamonds and purple royal amethyst.

Last but not least: the coffee machine in question was produced in a super-limited series of just one model. Who will be the lucky owner of this coffee gem?

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