Traditional Coffee Machine vs Automatic Coffee Machine

Traditional Coffee Machine vs Automatic Coffee Machine

One of the most difficult questions to answer is the preference between a manual or automatic espresso machine in terms of quality, ease of use and durability. First of all, however, we clarify the differences between the two machines.

The automatic espresso coffee machine is a complete solution that involves grinding coffee beans, brewing coffee, preparing milk (foam, cappuccino milk, etc.) but above all ensuring that the correct order of ingredients ( espresso, milk and foam, for example) for each drink is properly delivered. The weak point is instead the taste of coffee that will probably be a bit “packaged”.

A traditional espresso machine requires much more work but in the end the coffee will be much more satisfying in terms of freshness and taste. Manual espresso coffee machines generally do not have the capacity to grind coffee and therefore the purchase of a coffee grinder is required. After having ground the coffee, it will be necessary to manually manage all the procedures for inserting the filter holder, activating the dispenser, combining the ingredients (steam, milk, foam, etc.) and above all cleaning the accessories used.

Let’s now analyze the benefits of the two solutions



The design of the Gaggia Classic machine is not particularly innovative. The body is made entirely of steel and looks very square and essential. The push-button panel is composed of three essential buttons that regulate its operation. The machine does not use excessive space inside the kitchen.

  • Speed: do not require high time for use and preparation of drinks. Manual machines take much longer to prepare.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning is easy. No loose coffee grounds or water leaks. Just press a button and you’re done.
  • Easy to use. Making espresso on an espresso machine requires practice and skill. Automatic machines only require the push of a button.
  • Versatility. Do you love to drink cappuccino or latte? The automatic machine is the ideal solution for you! Manual coffee machines require more time to prepare these drinks. The machines instead do the job for you in the most correct way.
  • Save space. The automatic coffee machine encloses within a single element everything needed to work and prepare your drinks: coffee group, coffee grinder, boiler, cup warmer, milk emulsifier etc.

Within our range we recommend the Gaggia Velasca Prestige model, an automatic machine that allows you to prepare up to 6 different drinks at a simpre press of a button.

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  • Quality: this is the main advantage. Once the technique has been perfected, the quality of the drinks will be much higher than the automatic machines. Again, there’s a reason you do not see automatic machines in bars.
  • Fun: frustrating at first, it will be a lot of fun to work with a traditional machine once you have perfected the process of preparing espresso and other drinks. You will always want to improve your skills in getting the perfect espresso.
  • Appearance: manual machines are generally much more fascinating than automatic espresso machines. In terms of design and furnishing accessories you will have added value in your kitchen.
  • Appreciation: not only will your coffee taste better, but you will appreciate it more since you are the architect of the preparation.

Within our range we recommend a real “barista station” consisting of the Rancilio Silvia machine, a must-have for traditional coffee machines for the domestic segment, the Rancilio Rokcy coffee grinder and the dedicated support AB Base, always branded Rancilio.

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