The new line of super automatic Gaggia Magenta coffee machines

The new line of super automatic Gaggia Magenta coffee machines

Magenta is the brand new line of super automatic coffee machines launched by Gaggia. Three models of espresso machines with a contemporary design and intuitive interface: Gaggia Magenta Plus, Gaggia Magenta Milk and Gaggia Magenta Prestige.

All Gaggia Magenta models support the possibility of personalizing and memorizing the preparation settings of the different drinks. The 3 super-automatic espresso machines are equipped with a beautiful TFT color touchscreen display and 8 capacitive buttons that guarantee greater control and visibility, making coffee preparation quick and easy.

Thanks to the Optiaroma function it is possible to create a customized espresso by selecting the degree of aroma intensity, while the pre-infusion function favors the contact of water with freshly ground coffee, giving a unique taste to all drinks based on coffee.

The models are characterized by an elegant, dynamic and modern design and offer 3 different milk emulsion solutions, to meet every need: integrated milk carafe, CAPPinCUP system and professional steam wand.

Gaggia Magenta Plus


Gaggia Magenta Plus is equipped with a professional steam wand that allows you to obtain a perfect milk emulsion. You will be able to create and enjoy a cappuccino in a workmanlike manner, comfortably at home.

Gaggia Magenta Milk


The Gaggia Magenta Milk super-automatic coffee machine features the innovative one-touch CAPPinCUP system that draws milk from the external carafe supplied, emulsifies it and dispenses it precisely, without having to move the cup or glass from under the coffee dispensing spout all with a simple click.

Thanks to the gradation present on the external glass jug, it is possible to check the quantity of milk present at any time. The carafe is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Gaggia Magenta Prestige


The new Gaggia Magenta Prestige allows you to prepare 12 different drinks, to meet all the needs of coffee lovers. With an integrated milk carafe you can prepare all your milk-based drinks in one click. The integrated milk carafe emulsifies the milk twice and removes all the bubbles for a perfect foam at the right temperature. The carafe can be moved in the fridge and cleaned easily thanks to the automatic cleaning cycle.