The new Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 model

The new Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 model

Nuova Simonelli, a historical company operating since 1936 in the field of coffee machine production, has recently presented the new Nuova Simonelli Oscar 22 model, a compact coffee machine equipped with professional components such as the filter holder, a thermocompensated unit and a professional high productivity steam wand.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 technology


The machine is equipped with a body only 32 centimeters wide made of stainless steel with a glossy front panel that can be combined with two different colors: black and red. Thanks to these features, the machine can adapt optimally to all small spaces: from a home kitchen to a small Bed & Breakfast, from a small coffee shop to a coffee area in an office.

The machine is equipped with a thermocompensated unit that guarantees stable temperature control thanks also to the heat exchanger inside the boiler. The heat exchange technology consists of a copper tube, positioned inside the boiler, which carries the water for delivery directly to the head of the group while the rest of the water is used for steam delivery.

In this way it is possible to obtain highly qualitative coffee extractions with appropriate machine heating times. The programmable dosage functions also allow you to adjust the extraction length of the desired drink with a simple button.

The other features of Oscar 2


Oscar 22 is equipped with a “Push & Pull” system that allows, by means of a switch positioned on the top of the machine, to produce steam quickly and comfortably without the aid of rotary valves. The professional steam wand has an extended length that allows a more complete immersion inside the container with positive effects in terms of uniform heat distribution.

The coffee machine is also equipped with a convenient cup warmer tray capable of keeping the cups at an ideal temperature for dispensing any beverage. Oscar 2 can be used with a tank or connected directly to the water mains.


The Nuova Simonelli Oscar 22 is an excellent option for both small coffee shops and home baristas who want to get a high-quality coffee. The machine includes many professional features included within a very compact body. The value for money is extremely interesting and a fundamental factor for those on a limited budget.

The machine is available in our online stores. For more information, we recommend that you visit the product sheet.