What are Prosumer coffee machines?

What are Prosumer coffee machines?

The coffee machines are defined as Prosumer type when they can be combined with two types of users: the “professional” and the “consumer”. The Prosumer coffee machine is an espresso coffee machine suitable for domestic use but with professional features and components. Prosumer coffee machines are suitable for true coffee lovers who appreciate every aspect of the preparation of the drink: from monitoring the boiler temperature to adjusting the intensity, taste and length of the drink.

Now let’s analyze what are the main features of Prosumer type coffee machines.

  1. First, Prosumer coffee machines have a heat exchange boiler or a double boiler system. Both technologies allow consecutive extractions and simultaneous steam supply and production. This is a significant time saver, but beyond that, these are the ideal key features for preparing milk-based drinks.
  2. Prosumer machines usually have built-in pressure gauges that aim to monitor the water and steam pressure allowing the user to have complete control of the machine
  3. Professional steam wand systems able to guarantee a milk frame suitable for preparing cappuccinos and competition milk drinks.
  4. Prosumer-type machines usually have a pre-infusion function that allows you to immerse ground coffee in water just before extraction from the filter holder. In this case the extraction will be more uniform
  5. Prosumer machines usually have rotary pumps which allow a much quieter dispensing process than vibration pumps and increase pressure more quickly. The rotary pumps allow the machine to bypass the water tank by connecting directly to the water line.

There are several models of Prosumer coffee machines on the market with numerous functions suitable for home, office or small commercial use. Below we list the main coffee machines that can be defined as Prosumer type.


ACS Vesuvius

ACS Vesuvius is a double boiler coffee machine with infusion pressure control technology, 5 storable profiles, configurable ECO mode and touch screen display that allows you to view all the technical parameters of the machine.


Dalla Corte Studio

Dalla Corte Studio is an espresso coffee machine designed to be in the kitchen, office or small shops thanks to its compact size and professional technology. Ease of use, thermal stability and reliability in performance make Dalla Corte Studio the ideal espresso machine for those who love to experiment at a high level. Dalla Corte Studio also presents a professional steam wand ideal for preparing quality cappuccinos.


Bezzera Duo DE

Bezzera DUO DE is a compact coffee machine with five programmable dispensing buttons on the front of the machine and three PID thermostats that offer unlimited control of temperature stability. Bezzera DUO DE has a rotary pump that can be connected to the water tank or the water network.


Profitec Pro 600

Profitec Pro 600 is an elegant double boiler machine that offers boiler temperature control using the PID controller and an integrated timer. It also features an E61 brew group which is constantly heated by water by means of thermosiphon technology capable of stabilizing the temperature. Profitec Pro 600 is equipped with pre-infusion technology.