Which coffee machine is the best?

Which coffee machine is the best?

The espresso coffee machine allows you to prepare espresso coffee and other hot beverages (cappuccino, latte macchiato, infusions). The main features of coffee machines are the following:

  • water supply at a temperature between 88 ° and 96 ° C which guarantees the coffee extraction process
  • supply of water at a pressure of 9bar which guarantees dissolution of soluble flavors from coffee grounds
  • production of steam to heat and froth milk for cappuccinos.

Coffee makers can be classified according to the construction technology. Here is a brief guide to the main technologies that will clear your ideas on the model of coffee machines that best suits your needs


Traditional Coffee Machines

Traditional coffee machines Coffee Italia

Traditional machines are usually associated with a coffee grinder that allows you to use freshly ground coffee. Traditional machines usually have one or more groups and are subdivided into semi-automatic or volumetric coffee machines. In the first case there is a manual button for each group, in the second case there is a preset dosage that regulates the amount of coffee automatically.


Lever coffee machines

Lever coffee machines Coffee Italia


In lever machines the water pressure is created through a piston connected to a lever. To facilitate the supply of water, it is necessary to lower the lever after inserting the filter holder with the coffee powder into the unit. These machines require a greater level of skills and are also characterized by a lower level of productivity compared to traditional multi-groups machines with pump mechanism.


Super-automatic Coffee Machines

Super automatic coffe machines Coffee Italia

The Super-automatic machines are characterized by a completely automatic management of the features of coffee grinding, pre-infusion and extraction of the coffee blend, cream and steam production. With a digital display and a button console you can select the favorite beverage. Duration and reliability depend respectively on the care and maintenance operations and the design quality of the machine.


Coffee Pods (or Capsule) Machine

Caffee pods machines Coffee Italia

The pod or capsule machines are usually small machines suitable for domestic or office use. The capsule or coffee pod is inserted into the machine and discharged. At the same time, the drink is dispensed.