Which drinks can I prepare with Gaggia Cadorna? Part one

Which drinks can I prepare with Gaggia Cadorna? Part one

The Italian company Gaggia, leader in the production and distribution of coffee machines, has created a line of automatic machines capable of satisfying the different tastes of coffee lovers. The new Gaggia Cadorna line with the four models, Prestige, Milk, Plus and Style, allows you to prepare a wide range of milk and coffee based drinks in a simple and quick way. Each model of the Cadorna line allows you to select the drink of your taste by simply pressing a single button. Gaggia Cadorna allows you to prepare up to 14 pre-set drinks. Each individual recipe can also be customized in terms of taste, length, intensity, and grinding level by using the four user profiles available within the customization settings.

Let’s start with a first roundup of five coffee drinks that we can enjoy in the comfort of home with our Gaggia Cadorna.

coffee based drinks


The classic coffee-based drink known all over the world for its rich aroma and characteristic hazelnut cream. The standard quantity is about 40 ml while the extraction time is short, about 25-30 seconds. The drink is usually served in a small ceramic cup to preserve the extraction temperature.


Ristretto or short coffee is a drink with a strong and decisive flavor concentrated in about 25-30 ml and obtained through a reduced extraction time. The ground blend is very fine and the contact time of the coffee with the water is very short. This allows for a lower release of caffeine.


Espresso Lungo” is a drink characterized by a longer extraction time and a higher quantity of coffee than the traditional drink. The long espresso is made up of 80 ml of drink and has a more intense flavor with a denser texture.

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This drink is characterized by an amount of about 120 ml and a more delicate flavor than traditional espresso. The drink is usually served in a medium to large cup. Gaggia Cadorna allows you to change intensity and length using the customization profiles.


Caffè Americano is a very popular drink in the American and British tradition, ideal to accompany sweet and savory foods. The methods of preparing the drink with Gaggia Cadorna include dispensing an espresso coffee first followed by the dispensing of about 110ml of hot water.

After these five first recipes, in the next post we will deepen further 5 milk-based drinks that you can prepare with Gaggia Cadorna in the comfort of your home.