Which drinks can I prepare with the new Gaggia Cadorna? Part Two

Which drinks can I prepare with the new Gaggia Cadorna? Part Two

With Cadorna, the new line of automatic coffee machines by Gaggia, it is possible to prepare a wide selection of milk-based drinks in a simple and fast way so as to satisfy all lovers of cappuccino and other milk-based drinks.

The top model, Gaggia Cadorna Prestige, allows you to select up to 14 different drinks. The Cadorna Milk version can prepare up to 10 different drinks while the Plus and Style models allow the preparation of 6 different types of drinks.

All drinks can be prepared according to the recipe set in the initial configuration of the machine or they can be customized according to 4 available profiles. Drinks can be customized in terms of drink length, strength, grind level and aroma.

Let’s continue our guide to drinks, discovering this time which are the milk-based drinks that we can enjoy in the comfort of home with our Gaggia Cadorna.


Cappuccino is the most popular milk-based recipe internationally. Cappuccino can be enjoyed in the morning for breakfast or even during the day accompanying snacks and snacks. With a simple click, Gaggia Cadorna dispenses first the espresso coffee and then the hot emulsified milk which creates a soft and delicate foam.

Gaggia coffee drinks


Beverage consisting of a double espresso coffee (80 ml) and an equal quantity of emulsified milk. The milk froth, remaining very liquid and not very compact, mixes with the coffee. Flat White is usually served in a large glass.


Latte Macchiato is a 240ml milk drink that is prepared by dispensing an emulsified milk foam in the cup, followed by a classic espresso coffee. In this way, the hot milk, the coffee and the milk cream create three individual layers that mix slightly and are enhanced when the drink is prepared in a glass cup.