How best to choose your coffee machine?

How best to choose your coffee machine?

Would you like to replace your mocha coffee maker with an espresso machine without spending a fortune?  Would you like to enjoy an espresso coffee in the comfort of your own home without having to go to the coffee bar every day? Do you want to know what features a coffee machine absolutely must have?

To save you some time, we at Caffè Italia will answer these questions as comprehensively as possible. In this first article we will delve into the general features aimed at choosing the right type of machine and technology for your needs. In subsequent articles we will explain how to choose economical models of semi-automatic and automatic coffee machines.

Choosing an economical yet reliable coffee machine

Coffee machines have become an essential component in the coffee-making rituals of many people around the world. The technological evolution of the coffee equipment sector has enabled the rapid spread of the coffee machine, which, from being a tool exclusively used within professional environments, has become a domestic necessity with high accessibility characteristics for the public.

For this reason, the question of which criteria should enter into the equation for choosing an economical but at the same time valid and reliable coffee machine has become increasingly pertinent, to the point of becoming a real headache.

How to select a coffee machine properly?

The 4 variables of choosing a coffee machine

The number of coffees to prepare

The first aspect to be clarified concerns the number of cups to be prepared with the coffee machine. Most domestic coffee machines can handle up to 20-35 cups per day. For higher needs, it is necessary to get a professional coffee machine, but in this case the budget for the purchase will become more challenging.

What kind of beverages do you want to prepare

An important question to clarify also concerns the type of beverages to be prepared. In particular, it is important to understand whether you are looking for a coffee machine that can prepare an excellent espresso coffee or a model that can also prepare milk-based drinks such as cappuccino, latte macchiato or milk foam. In the first case, a manual lever machine or a pod machine will suffice. In the second case, you will need to consider buying a semi-automatic coffee machine with a steam wand or a super-automatic model with an integrated milk frother. For both solutions, we will be able to provide you with all the information you need to purchase an economical but at the same time reliable coffee machine model.

Manual or automatic coffee machine

This is where your predisposition towards the coffee-making ritual comes into play. You need to understand whether you prefer to control every single aspect of the beverage preparation method (water temperature, degree of grinding, boiler pressure, etc.) or have the option of preparing the beverage at the touch of a button. In the first case you need to go for a semi-automatic coffee machine, while in the second case we recommend the super-automatic models with integrated grinder and capable of preparing most drinks available at the bar in seconds.

Coffee beans or coffee capsules

Do you want to enjoy the taste of freshly ground espresso coffee or do you prefer the convenience of a real espresso made in seconds thanks to a capsule or a pod? In the first case you will need a coffee grinder or a coffee machine model with an integrated grinder. In both cases you will be able to grind the amount of coffee needed to prepare your drink. Pod coffee machines, on the other hand, fulfil important space and convenience requirements. Usually compact and very versatile, they allow you to prepare tasty drinks without having to go through the grinding process. Here again, we will address the choice of these models in depth.

The 4 variables of choosing a coffee machine

Have you already decided on your coffee machine model?

In this post, we have outlined the main aspects that influence the choice of a coffee machine model to suit your needs. In the following posts we will provide you, for each machine model, with the information you need to evaluate the purchase of a coffee machine that is economical but at the same time reliable and able to meet your different consumption needs.