How to choose an automatic coffee machine the smart way?

How to choose an automatic coffee machine the smart way?

The automatic coffee machine is a type of model that is increasingly used within the domestic and small office segment. Automatic coffee machines are characterised by the extreme ease of use that allows even inexperienced users to prepare a wide variety of coffee-based beverages (espresso, café macchiato, café lungo, café ristretto) or milk-based drinks (cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, etc.). Recent developments in the automatic coffee machine sector have increasingly equipped more and more models with professional technologies capable of meeting the most advanced consumer needs.

A common point of automatic coffee machines is the presence of a user interface characterised by the presence of a display and a push-button panel that allows the user to control all the functions of switching the machine on, preparing, maintaining and switching it off. The interface of an automatic espresso machine is essentially divided into three types:

  1. Manual button interface, which allows the user to control all the functions of the machine just by pressing the various buttons.
  2. Interface with buttons and display panel which, in addition to managing the machine functions, allows the user to adjust the drink preparation settings
  3. Interface with touch display panel that allows management and adjustment of all automatic espresso machine functions within the display screen.

Choose an automatic coffee


But what are the elements that influence the choice of a good automatic espresso machine? The automatic coffee machine does not allow complete control of all preparation operations in the same way as semi-automatic or manual machines. For this reason, it is very important to evaluate all the components that influence the characteristics of the model also according to their respective consumption preferences. The elements to consider during the choice process are the following.

  • The coffee grinder built into the coffee machine: the built-in coffee grinder is an essential accessory that allows you to obtain a blend that always tastes fresh and fragrant. The grinder materials can be metal or ceramic. The former heat up much more easily, while the latter, which is included in all Gaggia automatic machines, can handle the grinding process in a more qualitative way.
  • Design and compactness: depending on the space where the coffee machine is to be used, you can choose between more compact models or more structured models with a larger water tank and drip tray. In this case, the frequency of filling the water and emptying the grounds tray is reduced.
  • Material of construction: steel interiors are preferable to other plastic materials as they are more resistant, durable and easy to clean.
  • Type of beverages to be prepared: if coffee-based drinks are to be prepared, we recommend an automatic coffee machine-based model such as the Gaggia Brera. If your consumption habits require the preparation of milk-based drinks, we recommend the purchase of an automatic cappuccino machine with an integrated milk carafe, such as the Gaggia Cadorna Prestige, or an automatic coffee machine, such as the Gaggia Magenta Plus, equipped with a professional steam wand that allows the emulsion of the milk froth necessary for the preparation of milk-based drinks.

How to choose an automatic coffee machine the smart way

  • Fast heat-up technology: this is a highly appreciated feature as it allows coffee to be brewed within a few moments of being switched on.
  • Automatic rinsing cycle: this is a feature that allows the machine to be rinsed and cleaned every time the coffee machine is switched on and off.
  • Automatic descaling cycle: most automatic coffee machine models are equipped with an automatic feature that alerts the user to the need to remove any limescale formed during machine use. The descaling cycle is a guided procedure through which the user is guided by the machine through some simple cleaning processes.
  • Profiling functions: the latest models on the market are equipped with a series of functions that allow the user to easily customise the characteristics of drinks in terms of length, aroma, flavour, intensity. In addition to the regulation functions, it is also possible to manage the memorisation functions that allow recipes to be set that can be recalled by a single button.

Depending on the choice of these elements, it is possible to find automatic coffee machines in different price ranges on the market. Visit our section dedicated to automatic coffee machines or contact our sales team who will be able to advise you on the best choice.