Discovering Gaggia Accademia Steel

Discovering Gaggia Accademia Steel

Gaggia Accademia steel is the very latest automatic coffee machine model conceived by the Italian company and dedicated to the domestic segment. Accademia, already available in glass version since the end of 2022, has been completely revisited in steel in order to ensure a new design experience for all espresso coffee lovers who do not want to give up the quality of the drink even when they are in their home kitchen.

The features of the Gaggia Accademia machine

The features of the Gaggia Accademia machine

Gaggia Accademia is an automatic coffee machine that allows the preparation of 19 different drinks that can be classified according to the main ingredient of preparation. Specifically with Gaggia Accademia, the following beverages can be prepared with ease:

  • Ristretto, espresso, long espresso, coffee, American coffee.
  • Cappuccino, macchiatone, melange, café cortado, flat white, latte macchinato, frothed milk, hot milk,
  • black tea and green tea.

A convenient touchscreen interface allows you to manage all the features of power on, beverage preparation, cleaning and power off. You can also customize recipes for different beverages, save them within four user profiles, and recall them quickly using backlit touchscreen buttons.

From a technical point of view, the Accademia model is equipped with a 15-bar pressure pump, a coffee grinder with ceramic foils, and a capacious 1.5-liter water container. The coffee grounds container allows the preparation of 14 coffees before emptying the drawer. The machine is also equipped with a convenient built-in milk carafe and a professional steam wand for perfect consistency micro-foam.

The height of the dispensing head can be adjusted according to the glass or cup to be used: from 110 mm up to a maximum of 155 mm.

What's new about the Accademia Stainless Steel model

What’s new about the Accademia Stainless Steel model

The new Gaggia Accademia stainless steel retains the same design features as the Accademia Glass version in terms of the interface featuring a color touchscreen with 3-D icons, backlit buttons, and premium-feel rotary knobs. The steel front panel, top, and sides are made of brushed stainless material. In this way, the backlit red line is exalted more than the glass model.

Where to buy Accademia Steel?

The new Gaggia automatic espresso machine model is scheduled to be launched at the end of April 2023. Of course, the Accademia Inox model will also be available within our wide assortment of automatic coffee machines.