Different milk emulsion technology for Gaggia models

Different milk emulsion technology for Gaggia models

The new automatic coffee machines of the Gaggia line allow you to prepare an authentic cappuccino with a perfect milk froth and worthy of a true barista. The new Gaggia models are equipped with various milk emulsion technologies: from the simple panarello to the integrated carafe. This article gives a brief overview of the different technologies with specific reference to the new coffee machine models.


The integrated carafe, connected directly to the machine, is activated when a milk-based drink is selected. Its technology emulsifies milk twice and creates an impeccable velvety cream, always at the right temperature. The carafe can be removed to store milk in the fridge. Furthermore, it is very practical to use for cleaning operations with the automatic washing cycle. The integrated carafe is distributed in the Gaggia Cadorna PrestigeBabilaVelasca Prestige and Accademia models.

Gaggia Automatic Coffee Machines


The CAPPinCUP is an innovative one-touch cappuccino system by Gaggia. With a simple click, the user can take the milk from the container, emulsify it and dispense it directly into the cup without producing splashes, and without the need to move the cup under the coffee dispenser. The CAPPinCUP system is supplied with the new Gaggia Naviglio Milk model.

Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe


The Cappuccinatore is an emulsion system with a patented cyclonic chamber that takes the milk from a container through a special tube, emulsifies it and delivers it to the cup. The Cappuccinatore is supplied with  the Gaggia Naviglio Deluxe model.

Gaggia Cadorna Coffee Machines


The traditional milk frother is a manual tool that delivers steam to emulsify milk as a bartender would do, or hot water to prepare tea and herbal teas. The classic Panarello Gaggia can be supplied in stainless steel with the Gaggia Cadorna Plus or in plastic material with the Gaggia Cadorna Style.