Single Boiler – Multi Boiler versus Heat Exchanger Coffee Machines

Single Boiler - Multi Boiler versus Heat Exchanger Coffee Machines

Within the range of coffee machines for domestic use it is possible to identify three different types of boiler models:

  • models with a single boiler;
  • models with a heat exchanger boiler
  • double boiler models.


Single boiler coffee machines are the most welcome option for espresso coffee lovers as they do not need steamed milk. The preparation of espresso requires the presence of a single boiler for heating water at the ideal temperature for the preparation of the drink. There are also multi-function single boiler options, which can heat up to a level capable of producing both steam and water for espresso coffee. The multi-function system is generally controlled by a switch or a series of switches.

The classic model of a single boiler coffee machine is the famous Rancilio Silvia, a model capable of producing quality espresso coffee thanks to the quality materials used by the historic Italian group to create its own models. Discover the unique boiler model recommended by Coffee Italia: Rancilio Silvia


The models with heat exchanger are characterized by the presence of a heat exchanger located in the main section of the boiler. The heat exchanger consists of a tube that crosses the center of the main boiler and which allows water (which passes through the tube) to heat up to the ideal temperature for the preparation of the espresso.

The water used for the espresso is generally a combination of hot and cold water to achieve the proper temperature. The water in the main boiler, which is too hot for espresso preparation, is used to generate steam. Talking about Heat Exchanger we cannot mention the historic coffee machine Faema E61, a model that has made the history of the Italian bar and beyond.

Discover the heat exchanger model recommended by Coffee Italia: Faema E61


As the name suggests, a multi-boiler coffee machine has two boiler elements: one to create the steam at 120° and the other to generate hot water for the espresso at 90° or a little more.

The boilers can also be made with different materials including copper or stainless steel. This system was launched on the market with the historic La Marzocco GS in 1970, the first double boiler coffee machine with saturated groups.

Discover the double boiler model recommended by Coffee Italia: La Marzocco GS3

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